What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing


There are a lot of tangible and digital products on the Internet for sale. Companies and individual sellers are excited about using the Internet to reach more potential customers. As an affiliate marketer, you can be instrumental in making the link between potential customers and the product/s. This then leads to the question of “what is affiliate marketing?”


Affiliate marketing entails the promotion of someone’s product for a cut of the profit (commission). It is as simple as finding a product and recommending it to someone and when they purchase said product you earn some money from the owner of the product.

This product can be a physical one which can be shipped to the purchaser, or a soft copy of a book like an ebook or video, etc. The soft copies are usually files to be downloaded such as a book, an audio recording or a video recording.

Transparency is the Key

Note, that in affiliate marketing you are recommending a product. I would strongly suggest that when Transparent bubbleyou decide to promote a product, choose something you have first-hand information about. Yes, you would be more genuine if you have used or read the product before. This is especially so when you are doing a review of the product. Yes, you are curious about the word “review.”

When you write a review of a product, be it a book, or a toaster oven, the readers would be correct in assuming that you read said book and that you either own the toaster oven or, at least used your friend’s oven, or maybe your mom’s. It is for this reason that I suggest that transparency is present when you are writing a review of a product.

Serving is my Pleasure

Do remember that in affiliate marketing, our job is to link the potential buyer with the seller and ultimately a product. It is, therefore, a servitude role, where we offer our insightful assistance for a stipend. It is far from a get-rich-quick scheme. There is a lot of happiness to share in affiliate marketing.

We are in this business to help others and at the same time to make a little extra money on the side. Some of us want to earn enough so that we can become financially independent.

Happiness All Around

When a purchase is made, thanks to our review, then we are happy because we were instrumental in that sale happening and we also made some money. But, the happiness extends.
Yes, the company is happy because, thanks to you, they made a sale and have a new customer on their list of future potential customers. Yes, I told you that there would be enough happiness to go around.

Most importantly, the customer is happy because we gave an honest review and they received their product and discover that we can be trusted as we gave an honest review, which included both the pros and the cons.

This means that a need was linked with a product, which satisfied the need and all this was done through an affiliate marketer on the Internet. And, yes, all the parties are happier for having crossed path. Great!


Did you notice that affiliate marketing means that we are marketers for goods created by others? I would like to spend a little time looking at the word marketing. If you are anything like me when I started this business a little over a year now, you would equate marketing with selling and that is probably a bit scary.

Prior to building this business, I saw “no, I don’t wish to buy that product” as a rejection of some sorts. At the time, this was a big thing. I was often times heard telling people that I cannot sell to save my life because of the word “NO.” Please note that this is a thing of the past, thanks to this online business I am building.

A Softer “No”

Here is why I am better able to deal with “no” as an answer. It is quite simple, “it is never said to my face.” Yep, I market from behind my computer system. Marketing means that I advertise, write my content, and send out emails without coming face-to-face with customers who have a right to say “no.”

Whenever I write a review or do a blog and there are no sales, I remind myself that I am in the business first and foremost to help someone and if they purchase from my review or my blog posts, then this is the bonus for my honest, hard work.

But, let us not fool ourselves here. I would also like to make an income. If there are no sales, then I first take a second look at my review to see if at some point clarity evaded my work. If so, I go ahead and make the necessary adjustments.

Social Media

Recently, I have been spending more time advertising. I love to use Social Media to get the word out. Social Media TreeThis is another skill we learn as affiliate marketers. I hated social media. I still can’t understand why I have to see what some people had for dinner, where they are dining and the new shoes they purchased.

But, I have learned to embrace social media as a place to re-connect with old friends, but more importantly as an advertising platform, more powerful than a lot of the traditional ways to get the word out.


As an affiliate marketer, we recommend products to others for purchase. These products are owned by someone else and so we are the link between the sellers and the buyers. The assumption is often times made that we know what we are saying and so integrity and honesty are important, especially since our number one role is to help people to make a decision about the goods and services they wish to pay for through the Internet.

There is money to make using the Internet and affiliate marketing is one of the many ways we can do so. Yes, it takes time and patience. It is also a lot of work, but, totally legal and fruitful in the end. Yes, it is worth the while and is proving to be a good way to generate some extra income online.



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